The Kinesiology One Brain® system is a applied kinesiology (muscle testing) method of working with the whole of a person including the physical body energy to elevate awareness while releasing non-conscious stressors. We are then able to find the answers to our deepest questions and solve any problem we have be it physical, social, economic, relational or spiritual. It brings our awareness back to the balance or imbalance of our inner world and it’s effect on our outer world struggles. The One Brain® System is a form of Specialized Applied Kinesiology we call Muscle Testing, designed to teach through muscle energy corrections, response to life’s struggles rather than reactivity.

All you have to know to have a kinesiology session is that you want things to be better in your life.

Common problems clients work on through Kinesiology One Brain® are::

  • Learning disabilities
  • chronic negative emotions (anger, rage, fear, depression etc.)
  • habitual patterning disorders
  • poor grades
  • loss of libido
  • constant irritability
  • lack of interest in life
  • difficulty expressing feelings
  • chronic frustration
  • sweating disorders
  • food cravings
  • regular indecisiveness
  • sense of isolation
  • low self-esteem

These are only a few of the vast sea of issues that can be addressed by The Kinesiology One Brain® System through private sessions. Any problem or situation in which you believe you have no choice there is usually underlying negative e-motional imbalance or stress.

Pricing: Kinesiology Session

Individual Session    60-90 min  1.200 CZK


Most people report a sense of relief or “lightness” at the end of the session. However, sometimes in the days that follow a session you may experience any number of things. You may feel better than you have in years or you may have some strange or uneasy feelings. This is normal since the energy shift in your brain and body may be taking some time to restructure and heal you. The changes you chose to make in your session are permanent and in your highest good. These feelings will pass and your behavior or symptoms will improve in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The experience of this work is individually unique. The longer you work with this system you will notice how your integration changes and how connected one defusion is with the previous and the next. You will notice how while feeling relief from a particular issue then leads you to “bring up” the next issue to be dealt with. We are multifaceted beings and our patterns and stressors are woven together over the course of our lives.

The process itself is easy and gentle. However, what you perceive about it is your perception at that time based upon any resistance you might have to the process of change itself.


When working with micro-pathways of energy and other levels of awareness, using the Kinesiology One Brain® system, there is an integration effect that occurs. Your integration duration and experience is dependant upon many factors.

The initial integration period, determined at the end of a session, is the period during which the changes, made to your energy system, become more connected to the physical body. This means that the energy changes made to cellular memory continue to interrelate or re-relate and disconnect or reconnect as the wisdom of the body, based upon the changes made, sees fit. This continues down to the physical level thereby influencing physiological body processes, physical pain and so on. Integration continues on as you move through time making new choices consistent with what you and your body-mind learned during the session. With each new defusion the process of integration continues to realign and reconfigure your energy system and the signals it sends to body processes. As the healing process unlayers the onion, so the integration process recalculates and realigns with each layer the new information.


This technique was created by Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stokes originally to assist in correcting the Negative Emotional Stress that causes Dyslexia and learning disabilities of all kinds. Using tools they created such as the Behavioral Barometer, Structure Function and Clear Circuit Stress Testing (a unique form of muscle testing) they created the One Brain® System. A facilitator is trained to use a body of information from which to ask the client’s body-mind, through muscle testing, a series of questions. Once insight is gained, corrections are made at the age of cause in a process called a defusion. Once this is complete and the client re-examines the present time situation, they find that they have a different perspective on that situation.


A “Defusion” is a word coined by Daniel and Gordon to refer to the process that goes on in the brain during a One Brain® session and it is used as another way to refer to a One Brain® session. It is both a verb and a noun. The Oxford American Dictionary defines the word “defuse” as “to remove the fuse of, to make (an explosive) unable to explode. 2. to reduce the dangerous tension in (a situation).” This definition describes what is going on in a One Brain® session. It is very different from “diffusion” which means to scatter or spread.

When we experience an event that creates emotional upheaval for us whether we acknowledge our true feelings or not, our brain “fuses” the heat generated by the stress in our bodies to the memory of that event. The fused stress to the event then sets up a pattern of behavior. From then on every time our brains see a situation as having the same or similar issue as the original event, our bodies and minds will react exactly the same way as they did that first time. You might think in some situations this would be beneficial; in most it is not. The unresolved stress (heat) from an event that we carry around with us because we didn’t understand how or why something happened to us, is what keeps us from making new choices in a present time (new) situation and moving beyond our perceived limitations.

In the course of a One Brain® session the client accesses through stress testing, to locate the past event that has echoed into the present and is creating stress in their present time life. The client is taught to evaluate the situation and see how it is related to the present time situation. The client’s body-mind then selects from a body of corrections that help him/her gain new or deeper insight into the situation thereby releasing (“de-fusing”) the heat that was fused to that memory. The event is then perceived both by the conscious and non-conscious mind as neutral; without positive or negative consequences. After there is no more stress remaining on that issue the client returns to the present time issue to see how things are changed and different. The client is then “freed” to make new choices because the body-mind is no longer triggered in present time by a past event.

A defusion always brings permanent positive change and some of the change is felt immediately and by the end of the session. A defusion is how we go back and understand why and how a situation happened to us and gain clarity both intellectually within the brain on all other more visceral as well as energy levels of us. Often the client is surprised by the event they remember and never realized a particular aspect of it before. In fact, many people report ‘I thought I’d dealt with that’ already. Certainly they had, but it was an intellectual process not the whole body-mind and heartful understanding that a defusion brings.

Kinesiology One Brain® method clears away self-doubt and/or fears of the past so new choices can be made that support reaching your highest potential or whatever other goals you have set for yourself.

The overall philosophy of the Kinesiology One Brain® System emphasizes choice, making the client the source of information, identification of the problem and ultimately the solution.



The Kinesiology One Brain® System is not talk therapy, it is not a psychological or therapeutic process.

The purpose of psychology is to look at the emotions of a person and help them restore normal mental balance. However, the psychological model has no way to identify the cause of the emotional imbalance from the past in a direct manner. Psychology also is a highly conscious process that will eventually, over time, reveal subconscious truths. It uses psychoanalysis which is defined by The Random House Dictionary of the English Language as: „a technical procedure for investigating unconscious mental processes and for treating psychoneuroses“. It can take years for the “truth” of an event to come out of the unconscious part of the mind through this system psychological processes.

The Kinesiology One Brain® System assists the individual in directly identifying a piece of the past truth causing the present time distress and/or cycling of a pattern in each session. 

The unique muscle testing technique gives reliable and direct verification of an event about which the client is troubled; thereby getting to the client’s “truth” quickly, yet gently and at the client’s pace and desire. Once the truth is revealed new choices can be made that change how the body-mind responds to that deeply held memory.

Many clients leave the session consciously prepared to make application of the change to their lives.